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Wrangler launches new regenerative jean


Spearheaded by the Ellen McArthur Foundation, Wrangler has launched a new jean as a part of it’s the Jeans Redesign initiative. This initiative has established guidelines on the minimum requirements for durability, material health, recyclability, and traceability of denim jeans, with over 40 denim experts providing insight.

Wrangler has also committed to source 100 per cent sustainably grown cotton by 2025. The brand will achieve this joining the EMF’s Make Fashion Circular Initiative, which exists to drive collaboration between apparel industry leaders to ensure that clothes are made from safe, renewable materials, that new business models increase their use, and that old clothes are turned into new.

These new commitments will help Wrangler build a more resilient, regenerative cotton supply. Farmers planning to participate in Wrangler’s ‘Regenerative Jean’ collection have to submit evidence of improvements to soil health and the resulting environmental benefits of adopting regenerative agricultural systems. The submissions will be reviewed by the Soil Health Institute which will look for benchmarks like improvements in soil carbon, soil physical properties, biological properties and ancillary benefits to the environment.