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Ofxam-Deloitte study reveals startling wage disparity in apparel segme…

Ofxam-Deloitte study reveals startling wage disparity in apparel segment

"Apparel sector wage compensation is extremely low, creating a stir in the industry. A new report by Deloitte for Oxfam Australia reveals big brands are to be blamed for keeping people working for them in poverty, which means they are not paying a living wage. Oxfam describes living wage as: enough money to provide a w... Read more

ETI needs to go beyond agenda to change workers’ conditions

ETI needs to go beyond agenda to change workers’ conditions

"The Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) aimed at gaining access to highly restricted factories in the Tamil Nadu with a ‘hygiene awareness’ program and use that as a platform for promoting workers' rights. Five years and $630,000 later, the ETI, which brings together labels like H&M, GAP and Burberry with... Read more

Global Rights Index 2017 reveals low working conditions across the wor…

Global Rights Index 2017 reveals low working conditions across the world

"The number of countries experiencing physical violence and threats against workers has risen by 10 per cent in just one year, says the annual ITUC Global Rights Index. Attacks on union members have been documented in 59 countries, fuelling growing anxiety about jobs and wages. The report shows corporate interests are ... Read more

Brexit Affect: UK textile industry under threat

Brexit Affect: UK textile industry under threat

"Employing over 556,000 people, the UK textile industry is going to be impacted by Brexit. British manufacturers create products worth £9 billion a year, from Savile Row suits to highly technical fabrics used in sectors such as aerospace, the medical and the military. Falling value of Sterling has increased impor... Read more

Bangladesh needs stringent labour laws for RMG sector

Bangladesh needs stringent labour laws for RMG sector

"After the Rana Plaza garment factory collapse three years ago, it was presumed that the country would be rolling in stricter measures to ensure safety and security of its employees. Yet, recent data is quite startling. A research identified 3,367 women and girls in the survey areas who reported being employed in the a... Read more

Human rights, labour rights coalition urge brands for transparency

Human rights, labour rights coalition urge brands for transparency

More apparel and footwear companies should join 17 leading apparel brands that have aligned with an important new transparency pledge, a coalition of unions and human rights and labor rights advocates said. The pledge commits companies to publish information that will enable advocates, workers, and consumers to find ou... Read more

Slow growth a impediment to employment generation in textile sector

Slow growth a impediment to employment generation in textile sector

"The Indian textile and apparels industry employs 105 million people directly and indirectly and has a potential to create 50 million more jobs by 2025, holding the key to growing unrest over India's inability to create the millions of jobs it needs every month. However, due to rising skills gap, falling exports, low p... Read more

Bangladesh now creating funds for future exigencies

Bangladesh now creating funds for future exigencies

"The Bangladesh government is taking a major step to show that the right lessons have been learned, after the numerous RMG factory accidents. Besides the Accord/Alliance restructuring and safe-guarding programs, another RMG rescue plan is being implemented which also seeks defensive and insurance-driven priorities; unl... Read more

Dhaka massacre rips apart the fabric of Bangladesh's garment sector

Dhaka massacre rips apart the fabric of Bangladesh's garment sector

"The recent attack has confronted the industry with its biggest image crisis; with some fearing security worries could cripple a sector that is the lifeblood of the economy. Bangladesh's garment industry has seen hit by riots, labour unrest, power shortages and safety scandals and the industry bounced back each ti... Read more

China facing issues with rise in incomes at managerial levels

China facing issues with rise in incomes at managerial levels

"As China is losing its cost advantage, foreign firms are starting to look at Asean as a more attractive destination. China's competitiveness is eroded by lower labour costs in Thailand and emerging Southeast Asian economies, prompting a growing number of businesses to relocate their production from the mainland to Ase... Read more

Reshoring: US, UK apparel brands rethink strategy

Reshoring: US, UK apparel brands rethink strategy

"Apparel was the third-highest industry for reshoring in the US in 2014 says A T Kearney’s Reshoring Index, accounting for 12 per cent of cases of reshoring. According to the US Bureau of Economic Analysis, from 2013 to 2014 (the latest year for which data is available), the US apparel industry’s output went up by 4 pe... Read more

SDS’ seminar highlights sustainability issues in garment processing

SDS’ seminar highlights sustainability issues in garment processing

"The Society of Dyers and Colourists (SDC) organized a half-day seminar ‘Clean and Green Garment Processing’ in Mumbai. It was aimed at promoting green practices in the garmenting industry throgh innovative methods and efficient use of machinery, equipments nd labour. The event witnessed attracted many big names from t... Read more

The high cost of buying cheap clothes

The high cost of buying cheap clothes

"More than trends and new designs, clothes have gotten much cheaper with the rise of ‘fast fashion.’ Today, anyone can chase trends, even on a budget. The ability to buy low-cost clothing is not necessarily a good thing. Here are three reasons why $14 jeans and $25 dresses cost more than one thinks."    ... Read more

Cost analysis of spinning mills show raw materials, power important fa…

Cost analysis of spinning mills show raw materials, power important factors

"Today, the availability of cotton and synthetic staple fibers is not a problem. In 2013-14 season, for the third time in a row, the main production countries supplied more raw material than what was processed by spinning mills. In the case of cotton, in particular, 87 per cent of annual consumption is held in storage ... Read more

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Akihiko Tanaka appointed as Managing Director of Lectra Japan

Lectra, the technological partner for companies using fabrics and leather, has announced the ap... Read more

CCEA approves .2 bn for SCBTS to skill 1mn workers

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA) has approved a new skill development scheme to... Read more

Marco Agnolin is the new Diesel CEO

Diesel has announced the departure of its creative director Nicola Formichetti and a new CEO Ma... Read more

Best Industry-Linked Technical Institute-2017 award for DKTE

Well known for its application oriented textile and engineering education and close ties with t... Read more

Madhya Pradesh to train 10,000 candidates in textile sector

To provide training to people in the textile sector under the Mukhya Mantri Kaushalya Yojana (M... Read more

BGMEA prods industry to invest more in human capital development

Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) has urged all RMG owners to ... Read more

BGMEA urges government to set up wage board to avoid labour unrest

Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) has asked government to form... Read more

H&Ms roadmap on living wages fall by the wayside

On November 25th 2013, H&M released a ‘new roadmap’ designed to start implement... Read more

RECL’s CSR Initiative: Partners ATDC for imparting training in apparel sect…

Rural Electrification Corporation (RECL), sponsored under its CSR, the training of 540 candidat... Read more

Forced child labour, child trafficking in India

According to The International Labour Organization (ILO) 168 million children worldwide are con... Read more

Ethiopian units benefit from Italian knowhow

Italy will help small, medium and large scale textile enterprises of Ethiopia. Italy will suppo... Read more

Brics garment workers are underpaid

The global garment industry is infamous for its labour sweatshops in developing countries. Work... Read more

BRIC garment workers underpaid

Western European garment industry workers in BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) countries e... Read more

GMAC launches CGTI to train garment workers

Cambodia has launched the Cambodia Garment Training Center Institute (CGTI) for workers in the ... Read more

Bangladesh forms workers’ fund for RMG factories

Bangladesh has created a fund for the garment industry which will be used to compensate workers... Read more

Myanmar needs new wage mechanism

Myanmar’s garment industry is seen as synonymous with low wages, long working hours and s... Read more

AEPC says wage hike unfeasible

AEPC feels the minimum wage proposals for the garment industry are unrealistic. The plan is to ... Read more

ATDC teams up with Groz-Beckert to launch CSR initiative

Apparel Training & Design Centre (ATDC) and Groz-Beckert will launch a CSR initiative for v... Read more

ZDHC adds new directors, board strength increases to 12

The Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC) has five new board directors. With the five ad... Read more

ATDC wins award for encouraging women in workforce

The Apparel Training and Design Centre (ATDC) encourages women to take up career in the apparel... Read more

Europe faces slavery risks in supply chain with increased migration

Modern slavery risks have risen in nearly three quarters of the 28 member states of the Europea... Read more

Bangladesh faces skills shortage says BIDS study

Bangladesh will need about 3.6 million skilled workers in the garment industry by 2021. Total l... Read more

M&S focusing on supporting communities across supply chain

M&S believes in not just social and environmental sustainability but financial sustainabili... Read more

Textile Corporation of America invests in Tennessee, generates employment

Textile Corporation of America is a leading textile manufacturer. It utilizes state-of-the-art ... Read more

Adnan Ahmad appointed President of Clariant India

Adnan Ahmad has taken over as the president of Clariant in India. Ahmad succeeds Deepak Parikh,... Read more

Bangladesh amending labor laws as suggested by ILO and EU

Bangladesh has started amending its labor laws under pressure from the International Labor Orga... Read more

India: Underpaid garment workers demand $7.6m compensation

One of the largest hub in India‘s $40 billion-a-year textile and garment industry who are... Read more

ATDC fosters skill development in Gujarat

Apparel Training and Design Centre has signed an MoU with the Centre for Entrepreneurship Devel... Read more

Cambodia: Companies urged to compensate workers of closed RMG units

The sudden closure of a garment factory linked to UK and Canadian brands has left 208 workers i... Read more

US will train Kenyans for jobs in textile sector

The US will train Kenyans for employment in the textile industry. This is the arrangement betwe... Read more

New Look appoints Esprit executive as chief creative officer

Paula Dumont Lopez is the new chief creative officer, global operations, at New Look. She succe... Read more

Shima Seiki has a new head

Mitsuhiro Shima is president of Shima Seiki. He was the vice president. He replaces his father ... Read more

Jobs vanish in US textile industry

Textile production in the United States is struggling to recover. The value of textile producti... Read more

Brands decide to treat workers better

Major brands have decided to improve conditions at their factories in Bangladesh. These include... Read more

Patik Frisk is the new president of Under Armour

Patrik Frisk is taking over as the new president and COO of American sports apparel and footwea... Read more

Uniqlo accused of running sweatshops

Japan’s fast fashion brand Uniqlo’s supplier factories in China have poor working c... Read more

Peace quits Burberry

Burberry’s chairman Sir John Peace is planning to leave. Peace has been chairman of the l... Read more

World’s worst sourcing hubs to work in

Many of the world’s leading garment sourcing hubs are ranked among the worst places in th... Read more

Columbia Sportswear appoints new heads

Jim Swanson is Columbia Sportswear’s senior vice president and chief financial officer. P... Read more

India acts against child labor

In a bid to eliminate child labor in the country, India has given approval for two conventions ... Read more

Three-month wait for GST revision upsets industry

The GST council’s decision of considering any rate revision only after three months has c... Read more

Alarming child labour in the textile fashion industry

The International Labour Organization estimates that around 168 million children all over the w... Read more

EU warns Bdesh again, not to exploit workers to sustain GSP

European Union once again warns Bangladesh on not to exploit RMG workers for sustaining GSP. Th... Read more

US wants more from Africa

The US has urged African countries to fulfil their obligations under the terms of Agoa, a prefe... Read more

Child labor gets attention

Aamra Foundation organized its first ever campaign on World Day against Child Labor in Banglade... Read more

Brioni gets new creative director

Nina-Maria Nitsche is creative director of Brioni and Kering. She will have creative responsibi... Read more

EU insists on labor reforms

The EU will suspend trading terms for Bangladesh and disqualify it for trade privileges if it f... Read more

Compensation for the death doubled

India has doubled the compensation for the death of power loom workers.The insurance coverage &... Read more

J Crew gets new CEO

James Brett is chief executive officer of apparel retailer J Crew. Brett has had more than 25 y... Read more

Dyers’ society elects president

Philip Yeung Kwok-wing is the president of the Society of Dyers and Colorists. He has been a S... Read more

Pak textile producers engaged in violation of labour laws

There was a serious concern regarding the grave violation of labor laws by the The National Lab... Read more

Bangladesh looks beyond garment exports

The World Bank is helping Bangladesh diversify exports beyond the garment sector. The project... Read more

M&S does outreach programs

By 2025 Marks & Spencer hopes to support 1000 communities and help ten million people live ... Read more

Cambodia exports grow, workers decrease

According to the sixth edition of the ILO’s Cambodian bulletin, Cambodia’s garment ... Read more

Prahladka heads EPCH

O P Prahladka is the new chairman of the Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts (EPCH. He was... Read more

Documentary shows claustrophobic and exploitation reality

A documentary film, Machines, presents an intimate portrait of the rhythm of life and work at a... Read more

Bangla garment workers fall ill

Bangladesh, the apparel manufacturing hub, noted a wave of panic when hundreds of garment worke... Read more