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Bangladesh sweater exports rise, stable policies needed to sustain gro…

Bangladesh sweater exports rise, stable policies needed to sustain growth

"The industry attributes growth to expanding winter season in the western hemisphere as well as technological upgrades in manufacturing sweaters. Additionally, favourable conditions such as political stability and low cost funds are aiding the growth of sweater exports. In fact, industry leaders opine export growth cou... Read more

Denim continues to flourish globally backed by innovation and styles

Denim continues to flourish globally backed by innovation and styles

"Amid athleisure’s growing preference, the world’s most famous attire – denim is witnessing lacklustre growth since the last two years. But what can bring zing back is the products newness. In a report, ‘Spotlight on Jeans: Denim Bounces Back’, Lorna Hennelly, fashion & beauty analyst,... Read more

Global home textiles market registers robust growth

Global home textiles market registers robust growth

"As per latest US customs data, the country’s imports of home textiles and made-ups grew at a robust 7.7 per cent to reach 8,740 million sq. mt. during the January-May 2018 period. Import of made-ups and home textiles of man-made fibres grew 10 per cent to reach 6,093.6 million sq. mt. In contrast, cotton made-up... Read more

Vietnam gaining global power in textile manufacturing

Vietnam gaining global power in textile manufacturing

"Apparel exports accounted for 16 per cent of Vietnam’s total outbound trade. This made the country the world’s third-largest exporter of garments, with clothing accounting for 70 per cent of the output of the overall textile sector. With booming exports the prospects of Vietnam’s domestic market is a... Read more

Cotton import export to see a sudden shift amid US-China trade war

Cotton import export to see a sudden shift amid US-China trade war

"Amid retaliatory tariff measures, tension between the US and China seem to be increasing and the substantial impact would be on cotton imports and exports. As highlighted by Jon Devine, Senior Economist, Cotton Incorporated, China’s cotton imports have been on the rise and are expected to continue climbing over ... Read more

US tariffs may trouble fashion retailers

US tariffs may trouble fashion retailers

"US policy makers have put themselves in a fix with the imposition of duty on imported products. While clothing and footwear haven’t come under the duty radar but the scenario seems grim. Clothing accounts for about $35 billion of China’s annual exports to the US and footwear $15 billion, around 10 per cent... Read more

India, a potent market for technical textiles

India, a potent market for technical textiles

"Global technical textile imports are dominated by the US with 17 per cent share; followed by China, Germany and UK with 10 per cent, 8 per cent and 4 per cent, share respectively. The rest of the world accounts for 40 per cent in technical textiles imports. Emerging regions such as the Asia-Pacific and Latin America a... Read more

Central America still holding strong on the US policy radar

Central America still holding strong on the US policy radar

"However, one of the problems in the region compared to Asia-China in particular is merchandising, the response time, getting samples back, highlighted Tony Anzovino, President AAPN and Chief Sourcing and Merchandising officer, Haggar Clothing. Though it has started working on this direction. As per US Commerce Departm... Read more

China’s share in EU textile imports on the decline: Euratex report

China’s share in EU textile imports on the decline: Euratex report

"China’s leading position is continuously being threatened with the arrival of low coast production regions like Bangladesh and Vietnam. A Euratex report states even though emerging countries are gradually gaining market share, it should be noted that some of the businesses are actually Chinese companies that hav... Read more

Fast Fashion needs fast action

Fast Fashion needs fast action

"Fashion is responsible for 92 million tons of solid waste dumped in landfills each year. The fashion industry is also the second biggest consumer of water, producing 20 per cent of wastewater while also generating more greenhouse gas emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. The equivale... Read more

US textile buyers diversifying their sourcing base

US textile buyers diversifying their sourcing base

"For the past many years, two of the biggest global textile buyers, US and European, have been following the China + 1 or China + many sourcing strategies. Among these +1 or +many would be Asian countries, viz., Bangladesh, Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka. However, recent OTEXA statistics reveal even though US imports from t... Read more

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Bangladesh targets over six per cent growth in RMG exports this fiscal

Bangladesh targets a 6.33 per cent rise in readymade garment exports for fiscal 2018-19. Appare... Read more

Turkey’s apparel exports up seven per cent in first six months

For the first six months of 2018, Turkey’s apparel and clothing exports went up 7.7 per c... Read more

Philippines garment exports to rise 10 per cent

The Philippines expects garment and textile exports to increase 10 to 20 per cent this year. Lu... Read more

EU’s apparel and textile exports to the US up 15 per cent

From January to June 2018, the EU’s exports of textile and clothing products grew 15.12 p... Read more

China is still top apparel exporter to the US, India’s shipments drop

China’s June apparel exports to the US fell 0.83 per cent in volume. But the country is s... Read more

Vietnam to build product chains to improve competitiveness

Vietnam plans to build product chains to increase the value of the goods and cut out middle men... Read more

Turkey apparel exports up seven per cent

For the first half of 2018, Turkey’s apparel and clothing exports increased 7.7 per cent ... Read more

Canada records 4.67 per cent growth in apparel imports in H1 2018

Witnessing a surge during in the first half of 2018, Canada posted a 4.67 per cent growth value... Read more

Cotton production impacted by environmental factors

Latest figures from the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) show, water availability... Read more

Turkey exports 9 per cent world’s denim fabrics

One of the world’s major denim fabric production hubs, Turkey’s exports of denim fa... Read more

Cambodia garments exports up nine per cent

Cambodia’s exports of garment and footwear products grew 9.3 per cent in the first half o... Read more

Indian polyester and blended yarn exports increase by 50 per cent

As per an analysis of Textile Beacon’s Fibre to Yarn Trade Statistics – India&rsquo... Read more

Bangladesh emerges top trousers supplier to the EU market

Bangladesh emerged as the top trousers supplier to the European Union during January -April 201... Read more

Pakistan’s textile exports grew almost 9 per cent last fiscal

Pakistan registered a 8.67 per cent growth in textile exports in last fiscal mainly due to shar... Read more

EU tees imports up six per cent

The European Union’s import volume of T-shirts rose 6.06 per cent during January to April... Read more

VF’s forecast for revenue reflects an increase of 10-11 per cent

On the strength of the first quarter and the new lineup that helped boost major gains in first ... Read more

Drop in unit prices surges EU clothing imports

The massive drop in unit prices of garments has resulted in a stellar surge in clothing imports... Read more

Cambodia’s garment and footwear exports register robust mid-year growth

As per a report recently released by the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC), the country’s g... Read more

KCA urges the government to waive all taxes and duties on cotton imports

The Karachi Cotton Association has urged the government to waive all duties and taxes on import... Read more

Garment exports down 16 per cent in first three months of this fiscal

India’s readymade garment exports in the first three months of the current fiscal fell by... Read more

India’s textile production on downward spiral since 2016

India’s production volumes of textiles are significantly lower than in May 2016. Textiles... Read more

India, Vietnam lead in underwear exports to the US

US noted a dip in volumes of underwear imports from January to May 2018 by 3.13 per cent. Impor... Read more

Pakistan textile exports up 13 per cent

Pakistan’s exports of readymade textiles for July to May were up by 13 per cent. In terms... Read more

Vietnam exports to the US up six per cent

From January to April ’18, Vietnam’s textile and clothing exports to the US were up... Read more

Germany beats US to become Bangladesh RMG’s biggest market

Germany has overtaken the United States and become the largest export market for Bangladesh&rsq... Read more

Bangladeshi apparel exports to Japan on the rise

Bangladeshi apparel exports to Japan have been increasing over the years, thanks to entrepreneu... Read more

India’s textile machinery exports up 20 per cent

Textile machinery exports from India registered a growth of 20.03 per cent 2017-18. Top 10 expo... Read more

US demand for Peruvian garments grows

As per the Exports and Tourism Promotion Board (PromPeru), US demand for Peruvian garments rose... Read more

Indonesia textile exports up six per cent

Indonesia’s exports of textile products from January to May 2018 rose 6.16 per cent while... Read more

Cotton output to rise 8.11 per cent to 37.3 mn bales in 2017-18 season

Cotton production is estimated to grow by 8.11 per cent to 373 lakh bales in 2017-18 season end... Read more

Global T-shirt exports up four per cent

World T-shirt exports were up 4.3 per cent in 2017; year-over-year, value of globally exported ... Read more

Asia a thriving market for Bangladesh apparels

Bangladesh’s garment exports to India, China and Japan grew 17.79 per cent year-on-year i... Read more

Japan’s apparel imports value declines 1.19 per cent

Japan’s apparel import value has dipped by 1.19 per cent as the country imported apparels... Read more

US records a growth in underwear imports

As per Statista, a global market research company, the underwear market in the US is expected t... Read more

Sub-Saharan Africa exports apparels worth $377.37 m to the US

Apparel exports from Sub-Saharan African nations have grown significantly over years. The 50-na... Read more

Italian menswear revenue up three per cent

Made-in-Italy men’s fashion posted a 3.4 per cent revenue growth in 2017, higher than the... Read more

US: Trends indicate higher spend on imported apparels this year

The US has escalated its apparel imports. Marginal rise in unit prices has made the United Stat... Read more

EU textile imports up three per cent

Imports of textile products by the European Union in 2017 increased three per cent compared to ... Read more

Exports to US-China declines, other Asian countries grow

China’s exports to the U.S. of textiles and apparel may have plummeted by 10.9 percent to... Read more

Mounting problem of textile waste

The mounting problem of textile waste is beginning to be quantified in scientific research. Acr... Read more

Egyptian cotton exports up 181 per cent

Egyptian cotton exports from December 2017 to February 2018 increased by 181.6 per cent compare... Read more

Bangladesh becomes a major hub for denim products

According to Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA) currently 31 denim manufacturing mills... Read more

Global luxury apparel market to reach US$ 60, 793 mn

According to a research report, the opportunity in the global luxury apparels market will be wo... Read more

84 percent of knitting machines, 91 percent of shuttleless looms shipped to…

In 2017, of all new circular knitting machines , Asia received the highest share of shipments o... Read more

Pakistan loses textile share in global trade

Pakistan has lost its textile export share from 2.2 per cent to 1.7 per cent in the world marke... Read more

Brazilian cotton prices rise

Brazilian cotton index rose 12.3 per cent between April 30 and May 30 and cotton prices increas... Read more

Bangladesh garment earnings up nine per cent this year

Bangladesh’s earnings from garment shipments were 9.80 per cent higher than a year earlie... Read more

Egypt cotton exports up, domestic consumption down

The Egyptian cotton exports increased 50.6 per cent during the second quarter of the agricultur... Read more

Pak cotton imports face customs duty again

Pakistan has reimposed customs duty on cotton imports. The aim is to maintain stability in cott... Read more

Vietnam’s Chinese exports up 41 per cent

In the first four months of 2017, Vietnam’s export value of textiles and garments was up ... Read more

German textile production up slightly

Textile production in Germany increased by 1.7 per cent in the first quarter, whereas clothing ... Read more