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Ralph Lauren adopts digital identities

Ralph Lauren has introduced digital product identities to its range for supply chain transparency. The move will also help the brand with better insights about manufacturing, orders and inventory of their products thereby helping the brand improve its efficiency. The initiative, starting with Polo, will allow customers to scan the product label through their smart phones and confirm its authenticity. Each product label is equipped with its unique digital product ID that contains the product detail. The customers will also be able to get other product-related details in addition to receiving styling tips and recommendations. Furthermore, the brand will gain from improved real-time supply chain visibility allowing it to track details starting from the source – eventually leading to better inventory management.

US-based apparel giant Ralph Lauren uses technology to deliver more for its consumers and ensure the integrity of its products throughout the lifecycle. The application of this technology means every Polo product will be born-digital, which represents a new milestone in data intelligence innovation in this sector.

The brand targets working professional men in their early-to-mid 30s, new-to-the workforce women in their mid-to-late 20s, and the creative class. The last few years have been about cutting costs including closing 50 stores, eliminating more than 1,000 jobs and removing three lines of management.