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Mango and Materra revolutionize fashion with regenerative cotton collaboration


Spanish fashion giant Mango has teamed up with the British-Indian company Materra for a collection using regenerative cotton, slated for a 2024 launch.

In a concerted effort to elevate its sustainability profile, Mango underscores the positive impact of regenerative cotton on both the environment and the livelihoods of those involved in its cultivation. As per Mango, this collaboration not only champions sustainability but also grants the brand the ability to achieve full traceability in its cotton supply chain.

Materra's Co Farm platform plays a pivotal role in this partnership by assisting Indian farmers in gathering critical data on soil and crops. The platform also facilitates the monitoring of soil health and water usage. This technological integration ensures a comprehensive and transparent approach to sustainable cotton production.

Andrés Fernández, Mango's Director of Sustainability and Sourcing, emphasizes this collaboration aligns with Mango's broader sustainability strategy, titled ‘Sustainable Vision 2030’. This overarching plan strives for 100 per cent sustainability in all fibers used by the brand by the year 2030. As a part of this strategy, Mango is not only introducing a regenerative cotton collection but also unveiling a sustainable denim line. Additionally, the brand is forging a partnership with Pyratex, further solidifying its commitment to sustainable and ethical practices in the fashion industry.



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