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J.Crew disposing denim waste responsibly

J Crew has a denim recycling program. The brand offers cash toward a new pair of jeans for every pair brought in. Any pair of jeans can be turned in, not just pairs purchased at J Crew.

This denim recycling program allows J Crew to help customers dispose of waste responsibly by giving their jeans a new life in the form of housing insulation and keeping them out of landfills.

J Crew has a reputation for constant sales and the heavy movement of product, which can be a signal of an overproduction problem. Its denim recycling efforts are in line with a trend running through the fashion industry toward minimizing the amount of waste and excess material introduced into circulation. Fashion consumers have become more aware of the problem of wasted excess clothing. Brands typically struggle with accurately gauging exactly how much product they will need to make, and so they produce far too much of it, much of which goes unsold or is thrown out soon after being worn.

J Crew’s denim recycling program is generous. $20 per pair of jeans, even those not from the brand, is a significant investment in taking some of the excess product that might otherwise end up in a landfill out of circulation and putting it toward a good cause.