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India’s T&A exports decline by 13% in August 2019

According to the recent analysis by CITI, India’s exports of textiles and apparels during August 2019 declined by 13 per cent to US$2,752.7 million as against US$3.156.4 million recorded in August 2018. The exports declined by 8 per cent to US$14,322.0 million during the Apr-Aug 19 quarter as against US$15,641.5 million recording during Apr-Aug 18.

On the other hand, India’s imports of textiles and apparels increased by 41 per cent to US$ 964.55 million in August 2019as against US$ 685.22 million recorded in August 2018. During the Apr-August 2019, these imports increased by 19 per cent to US$ 3819.49 million as against US$ 3198.49 million recorded during Apr-August 2018.