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Gap partners with Arvind on reclaimed water

Gap and Arvind have embarked on a water-saving project.

This is at Arvind’s denim manufacturing facility in Ahmedabad. The project will save eight million liters of fresh water a day or 2.5 billion liters of freshwater on an annual basis. The first mill in India to manufacture denim, this will now operate entirely with reclaimed water using Membrane Bio Reactor technology, which will treat domestic wastewater drawn from the surrounding community and avoid the use of chemicals in the process. A newly constructed pipeline will draw wastewater from the local municipal line. In the face of local water scarcity challenges, the facility will also reduce business risk for Arvind, Gap and other brands that source from the facility due to the new reliable source of wastewater.

Apparel retailer Gap and textile manufacturer Arvind are making efforts to reduce the amount of water used in the apparel production pipeline. Gap will have exclusive rights to the water savings through the project, including the annual savings from the project. Arvind aims at eliminating the use of freshwater from 100 per cent of its textile production by the end of 2020. Currently, more than 90 per cent of the company’s water use is from recycled sources.