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Arvind opens water treatment facility with Gap

Gap and Arvind have partnered on a new water treatment facility. This will do away with the use of freshwater at Arvind’s denim manufacturing unit in Ahmedabad. The facility will save eight million liters of fresh water every day in the textile production process. This amounts to 2.5 billion liters a year.

Gap is a retailer and Arvind is a textile manufacturer. This is a milestone for both companies in their endeavor to reduce the amount of water used in production and, hence, preserving freshwater sources. The mill in Ahmedabad will work entirely with reclaimed water using Membrane Bio Reactor technology that treats wastewater from surrounding areas without infusing any chemicals in the process. The project is an example of innovative, sustainable solutions unlocked through partnership across the apparel industry.

Water will come directly from the local municipality through a new pipeline to help go a step forward in water preservation and prevention of water scarcity. Through this collaboration with Gap, Arvind hopes to not only achieve its water goals but eliminate the use of water in its textile production process. In the last two decades Arvind has made significant efforts towards water reduction and recycling. About 90 per cent of its water comes from recycled sources.