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US’ import of athletic footwear declines 28.2 per cent in 2020


US’ imports of athletic footwear decreased by -28.2 per cent y-o-y to 201 million pairs in 2020, falling for the second consecutive year after four years of growth. In value terms, athletic footwear imports declined remarkably from $4.3 billion in 2019 to $3.2 billion last year. Index Box reports, US’ imports of athletic footwear increased from $531 million to $3.2 billion in the past decade. US mainly imported footwear from Vietnam, China and Indonesia, accounting for 94 per cent of American imports. In value terms, Indonesia recorded the highest growth rate of exports to the US among the largest suppliers.

In volume terms, US’ athletic footwear imports increased from 39 million pairs in 2010 to 201 million pairs in 2020. The nation’s overseas athletic footwear suppliers included Vietnam, China and Indonesia, which together accounted for 94 per cent of total imports. These countries were followed by Cambodia, which accounted for a further 4.4 per cent.

In value terms, Vietnam was the largest supplier, comprising 58 per cent of total imports. The second position was occupied by China with a 25 per cent share of the total imports, followed by Indonesia, with a 13 per cent share.