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Tencel launches carbon emission campaign


Tencel has launched a campaign to combat carbon emissions caused by the fashion industry. The campaign wants to continue to raise awareness and inspire action to make a change. The movement has managed to plant over 7,500 trees to combat carbon emissions from the fashion industry. Within the initiative, Tencel has also begun a partnership with renowned artist Bodil Jane to create the artwork for the campaign.

TikTok and Instagram users are encouraged to post a 15-second video while wearing their favorite outfit by eco-friendly brands or created with sustainably made pieces, showing how cool it is to wear eco-friendly fashion. At the end of the posting, they can redeem the certificate to plant a tree in their name. The fashion industry is responsible for eight per cent to ten per cent of global carbon emissions. Fast fashion has only exacerbated the problem as consumers are increasingly purchasing clothes with reduced shelf lives. Although the world is striving to achieve net-zero carbon, fashion isn’t doing enough. The industry has a long way to go in combating waste and fast fashion, but with such movements people are finally empowered to take action and choose brands that are caring for the planet.


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