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Sourcing at Magic focuses on water conservation, tariffs, and trade

The trials and changes presently facing supply chains may have spurred attendance at Sourcing at MAGIC in Las Vegas last week. One feature of the latest show was a virtual reality experience dubbed X-Ray Fashion. It’s a film made by an Italian director [Francesco Carrozzini] that takes you into various places impacted by fast fashion.

As a part of the sustainability focused immersive experience produced by Vulcan Productions, attendees could remove their shoes and virtually traverse rivers in Bangladesh and other areas that have taken a hit at the hands of the fashion industry.

Waterless denim was a major feature at the show too, with companies like Jeanologia showcasing nanotechnology and advancements in waterless and laser finishing for jeans. Levi’s has also been a major player in the area of saving water in denim processing, with its Water

Beyond sustainability and water saving, tariffs, trade and Made in China 2025 were other big focuses at Sourcing. The show floor featured micro factories showcasing technologies like a body scanner from Tukatech that can make 3-D fit models from a series of measurements derived from scanning the body, and a CAD system that creates the style in a 3-D format to bypass physical sample making, saving time and costs..