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Pandemic fails to break Jordan’s apparel industry


Jordan’s garment industry has been spared the worst effects of the pandemic, proving to be relatively resilient in its adaptability to new market trends. Though Covid-19 has had a major impact on the garment industry throughout the world, Jordan being no exception, the economic downturn in Jordan’s garment industry has only had a 15 per cent reduction in exports and a full rebound is expected by the end of 2021. Thus the sector has fared relatively well in comparison with Jordan’s other sectors.

Jordan’s garment exports in 2020 made up 22 per cent of all Jordan’s exports. With 24 per cent of all exports going to the US, the US continues to be a major export market for Jordan.

However customs fees and taxes imposed on the sector have reached 47 per cent. Other challenges facing the sector include illegal e-commerce and the mail package trade that abuses regulations and allows entry of goods with exemption from customs fees. Anyone with a passport and a national identification number can order up to five packages a month, with exemption from customs. However, people abuse these regulations and use friends’ passports to order goods without having to pay extra customs or taxes and then sell these goods at low prices.