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Nike emerges as the most valuable apparel brand in 2021


Nike has topped the list of most valuable apparel brand across the globe in 2021. The company achieved a $30.44 billion valuation in 2021It made more than $44 billion in sales. It trounced other brands by a mile in getting to this spot.

The list was formulated by which said, Nike’s North American business is said to be the most lucrative one. The region contributed over $17 billion of the firm’s 2021 revenues. Again, the US market is its most significant one, accounting for about 40 per cent of its global earnings.

Moreover, Nike generates income from three significant segments. These are the apparel, footwear, and equipment segments, of which the footwear segment is the largest and most profitable of them all. It earned the company about $28 billion from sales in 2021.

Nike trounced other reputable brands by a mile in getting to that spot. For instance, the second-placed brand GUCCI attained a valuation of about $16 billion. Louis Vuitton came in third at about $15 billion. Nike’s closest competitor in the sports segment, Adidas, closed at slightly above $14 billion.


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