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New initiative to facilitate cooperation between European, Ukrainian companies


The new EU-Ukraine Textile Initiative (EUTI) by Euratex aims to facilitate cooperation between European and Ukrainian textile and apparel companies. The initiative will offer a single contact point for Ukrainian companies with their EU counterparts, and vice versa. That connection will help companies match supply and demand, engage in public procurement and offer company-to-company support. To be coordinated in close cooperation with UKRLEGPROM, the Ukrainian Association of enterprises of textile & leather industry, the initiative will be managed by Olena Garkushag of Ukrainian textile industry.

In 2021, EU exported textiles and garments worth €1.3 billion to Ukraine while imports from the nation totaled €500 million. Dirk Vantyghem, Director General, Euratex believes, EU and Ukraine can expand their relationship in the long run by partnering in the PEM Convention. They can also benefit from the EU’s proposed suspension of tariffs on imported products from Ukraine.


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