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Levi Strauss deploys new size finding widget, MySize ID


To help find the ideal garment size for each customer and sell its fashion products, denim leader, Levi Strauss has deployed the MySize ID size-finding widget. Developed by Israeli company My Size, led by Ronen Luzon, the MySize ID widget was first tested by Levi’s in the Turkish Market. The widget helped the company reduce clothing returns by 47 per cent.

Levi's has opted for a simple version of the widget that can be installed on a computer and through a mobile app that, once the customer has indicated their size and weight, advises them on the ideal product. These criteria can be fine-tuned based on individual customers’ requirements, emphasize the founders of the wideget

Levi’s has decided to deploy the solution in Europe. It is currently deployed in France, Spain, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and Italy, and will be available as a mobile app on the US market in June. The widget will be promoted online by pictures of people wearing Levi's clothes that match their morphologies.


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