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Empyrean Luxury to use PETA approved Vegan mark on footwear


A Delhi-based footwear firm, Empyrean Luxury plans to use the ‘PETA-Approved Vegan; mark to help shoppers choose vegan items and accessories. House of Anita Dongre, Welspun India, Purvi Doshi, Paperdom, and PAIO are among the other Indian companies, designers, and brands that use the mark.

Recognized for its Italian elegance and high-quality footwear, Empyrean Luxury is celebrating its move from leather to veganism by utilizing the hashtag #WeLoveAnimals on its website and offering a 10 per cent discount to customers who use the purchase code “GOVEGAN.”

By embracing vegan fashion, the company commits to stand as a socially responsible business and never advocate any form of cruelty to animals in any way, says Saksham Chaudhary, Owner, Empyrean Luxury. The company’s most sought-after vegan shoes are designed to assist shoppers in putting an end to cow cruelty.