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Canopy launches Circular Chic campaign to raise environment awareness


Environment NGO Canopy has launched the Circular Chic campaign to showcase real-life, low carbon alternatives for fashion fabrics, like viscose and rayon, and paper packaging, all of which are too often made by logging vital, high carbon forests

The campaign was incepted out of a necessity to raise awareness about the urgent need to transform the fashion and packaging industries’ supply chains. Currently, these supply chains are responsible for cutting down 3.2 billion trees a year, and in doing so, placing unsustainable stresses on the planet's climate and biodiversity.

Circular Chic features cutting-edge fashion and a diverse set of change makers who sit at the intersection of fashion and environmental activism —Arizona Muse, Emma Breschi, Candice Carty-Williams, Kelly Knox, Emma Slade Edmondson, Efe Efeturi, and Anna Shaffer. The imagery showcases fashion and packaging solutions that can be adopted and scaled today to save forests and address the interconnected crises of climate and biodiversity loss.

It’s estimated that in just one year, landfills accumulate 92 million tons of textile waste globally. That’s equivalent to a truck full of clothes being dumped in landfills every second. On the packaging side, every year hundreds of millions of tons of agricultural residue are burned, causing air pollution and choking some of the world's largest cities.