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36th IAF World Fashion Convention planned in Belgium


This year, the 36th IAF World Fashion Convention is set to take place in Antwerp, Belgium. The theme of the convention; Transition in the Global Fashion System, recognizes the fact that the demand from societies and from consumers, the restraints posed by the earth’s ecosystem and the possibilities offered by technology converge to create a necessity for transition. Merely adapting does not seem to be enough in 2020. Adapting is too slow. New successful companies based on entirely different business models shape the industry’s transition, as do existing companies embarking on bold programs of change. Transition will not involve the industry alone but requires all in the entire fashion ecosystem to work together. It requires a good and close collaboration with governments, creating regulatory environments that are supporting transition without stifling entrepreneurial drive. Educational institutes are engines of transition not only by training new employees, but also by actively nurturing new business.

The IAF World Fashion Convention will bring together the entire global industry ecosystem to share high level industry insights and to jointly discuss concrete actions to create faster industry transition. It is a unique opportunity to gain the insights necessary to understand where our industry is heading and to join the conversation on concrete ways to make the necessary transitions. The first day of the convention will be devoted to plenary sessions with top speakers from across the globe. On the second day, parallel workshops with participants from across the fashion ecosystem will discuss major topics driving transition such as circular textiles and implementing new technologies.