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Zappos partners with Cotton Inc

Zappos for Good has partnered with Blue Jeans Go Green on denim recycling. Zappos for Good is the charitable wing of the footwear and apparel retailer. Blue Jeans Go Green is a Cotton Incorporated initiative. Blue Jeans Go Green works on recycling and waste, an issue currently plaguing the fashion industry. The arrangement will allow consumers to mail in old denim to Blue Jeans Go Green via a Zappos prepaid shipping label that will be available to customers with a Zappos account. Zappos is working to close the loop on cotton sustainability and give back to communities across the US.

Beyond simply ensuring more denim gets reused instead of dumped into a landfill, the program is also a step in the right direction for the entire denim recycling movement. Providing consumers with pre-paid mailing labels makes participating in the denim recycling movement more accessible. With Zappos for Good’s new partnership with Cotton Inc., the door has been opened wide for anyone that wants to participate in denim recycling.

Denim with a high cotton percentage is a perfect candidate for textile recycling and it turns the cotton it receives into natural cotton fiber insulation, as opposed to harmful and chemically intensive fiberglass insulation. Cotton Inc. even uses some of this insulation to help build houses in communities across the United States.