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“We should be a part of the global supply chain.”

Hemant Bharat Ram, Managing Director, DCM Novelle

Hemant Bharat Ram DCMA leading manufacturer and exporter of 100 per cent cotton carded and combed yarns DCM Nouvelle aims to grow its business by 10-15 per cent annually. Formed a few months ago, the company is the textile arm of the former DCM.  “We don’t do synthetics. Our focus is on cotton yarn and other sustainable fibers,” says Hemant Bharat Ram, Managing Director of the company.

India is the largest cotton producer in the world. “We should utilise this as an opportunity to compete globally,” opines Ram.  “Instead of restricting our cotton trade, we should be a part of the global supply chain. We also should negotiate with RCEP to be part of this global trade bloc,” he observes.

Ram also advises the government to bring fuel and electricity prices on par with the rest of the world.  “Synthetic being a byproduct of petroleum, any rise in its price will impact the synthetic industry,” he says.   

There is a huge move towards sustainable energy. However, this can prove to be a huge disadvantage for India as it has a huge paddy and sugarcane production.  “These crops consume lots of water. Hence, we need to rethink over our agricultural strategies,” deems Ram.   

India also needs a new fiscal policy as demonetisation has dried up the liquidity in all major NBFCs and banks. “This will enable our government to invest more in infrastructure building which will not only boost our economy but also the confidence of our investors,” he sums up.