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Utilize Berry Amendment to increase US Content Rules for domestic purchases, urges NCTO


Klim Glas, CEO and President, has urged the Biden government to utilize the Berry Amendment to increase domestic content rules for federal government purchases. Glass said, NCTO commends the Biden administration for awarding contracts for 22.2 million Berry-complaint masks in March this year. Their production according to the Berry rules will bolster the full production chain, he added.

The US administration is seeking to backfill the Strategic National Stockpile with essential products and NCTO, with other industry associations and labor unions urging the administration to continue purchasing Berry-compliant products for PPE. This is essential to bolster its domestic industrial base at a time when PPE orders have diminished. Further, NCTO believes Berry rules should be applied to other mission critical products purchased by non-Defense federal departments and agencies like Homeland Security, Glass added.

Fully maximizing purchase of Berry complaint products will help sustain the progress made to date and form an essential part of the administration's onshoring and industrial expansion efforts, he added.