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US cotton exports to Vietnam up 294 per cent in last five years

US cotton exports to Vietnam increased 294 per cent over the last five years. Vietnam is the largest export market for US cotton. Cotton Council International (CCI) conducts an annual Cotton Day in Vietnam with the intention of educating the largest and most influential mills and manufacturers in the country about the benefits of US cotton. Five Vietnamese mills have participated in a mill exchange program in the past two years, learning about the benefits of using US cotton from peer mills in neighboring countries. This program has been particularly effective as participating mills in Vietnam have increased US cotton use from ten per cent to 50 per cent of their total volume.

Since 2013-14, Vietnam’s cotton imports have increased 217 per cent. Vietnam has overtaken China to become the largest cotton importer in the world. As Vietnam has risen to become the world’s largest importer of cotton, CCI has increased its presence and value in this country. These efforts have paid off in a big way as Cotton USA licensees in the country have increased dramatically and in turn US cotton has taken a much larger market share in Vietnam, increasing sales by nearly 300 per cent.