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Tie-ups help fashion brands in China

Fashion brands and platforms have turned to collaborations in China, particularly when trying to introduce themselves to the market for the first time. Since China is a unique market, collaborating with other brands already popular in China can help newcomers figure out who their audience is and the best way to reach them. The percentage of fashion brands promoting brand collaborations on the Chinese social network Weibo jumped up from 62 per cent in the first quarter of 2018 to 80 per cent by the midpoint of 2019.

As the Chinese market continues to slow down after several years of being the fastest growing market in fashion, these collaborations can provide the necessary boost brands need to keep Chinese customers engaged. Customers of European luxury brands in China tend to be 10 years younger than their customers in Europe, so a different strategy is required.

Thanks to China’s unique cultural sensibilities, and various platforms to advertise and sell on, many brands have found that hiring locals with first-hand knowledge of the market is crucial. The retail environment in China is very competitive and very fast. Brands always want to create a buzz. It also helps them reach new customers.