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Texworld offers insights into blockchain

Texworld and Apparel Sourcing was held in the US from January 19 to 21, 2020. The show introduced technological tools and scientific methods that can be implemented into manufacturing practices. It gave an insight into blockchain technology, circular tracing and the newest software to reduce lead time and waste. The show also included a workshop that peeled back the layers of commonly used materials. The presentation spotlighted material innovators that are currently moving the needle of advance forward.

Recycle methods showcased mechanically recycled denim yarns that are woven out of fibers derived from scraps of pre-consumer denim. Refibra technology displayed cotton that is made from a blend of sustainably harvested wood pulp and cotton waste. Each element was shown separately to fully understand the natural recycle methods. Hemp Black took ordinary hemp and chopped it into hurd then carbonized it into charcoal that is used later as an all natural screen printing ink.

In acknowledging the industry’s obligation to the planet, Texworld continues to uphold its responsibility to both manufacturers and designers by offering educational tools and materials needed to address global dilemmas. While the fashion industry is held accountable for its waste and destructive impact, its community heeds the call to action.