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Study finds fashion waste high among young consumers across UK

A survey in the UK has found most consumers aged 18 to 35 purchase garments they never wear. This highlights the growing issue of mass waste in the fashion industry due to the new generation’s insatiable appetite for the latest trends.

More alarming, consumers also say they have no interest in quality, long lasting clothing and instead prefer to buy cheaper clothes that only last one season. Twelve per cent consumers confirm they choose to throw clothes away rather than recycling them, with only 60 per cent of those who do recycle saying they buy second clothes – highlighting a peculiar gap in the buying and disposal habits of fashion customers.

In general consumers like the idea of wearing sustainable clothing but would not pay more than a certain amount for a sustainable garment. Recycling is not only good for the consumer who can purchase clothes more affordably but also massively reduces the environmental impact of clothes and lessens the personal fashion footprint.

Fashion waste is on a whole new level and it’s down to the consumer to do something about this. With the new tech generation there are so many more ways to recycle clothes, not just through charity shops but also through second hand selling apps.