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Secondhand beauty products is gaining momentum

As per Vogue Business report, already trending in Japan, beauty resale is primed to take off in Western markets, reports contributing Editor Jessica Schiffer. The younger customers are drawn by the lower costs of pre-owned goods, but many also flock to the likes of Ebay and Glambot for the chance to acquire sold-out, limited-edition goods. Other shoppers still have thoughts about hygiene and product authenticity Ebay says it relies on a mix of company and user policing but some resale platforms have developed cleaning solutions to assuage such worries.

Further on, consumer pressure is forcing shoe brands beyond environment-oriented startups like Allbirds and Rothy’s to invest in going green, but while the learning curve is relatively straightforward for casual footwear brands, it’s a different case for brands reliant on animal skins.

There are no clear growth figures for the beauty resale market. But it has expanded slower than the apparel resale market, which has been propelled by the rise of digital platforms according to GlobalData. Increased interest in the beauty category can be attributed to the fashion resale boom

However, not everyone is sold on the idea that this market will eventually lead to sales for the original brands, with some analysts seeing it more as savvy marketing from resellers than the reality. One incentive, instead, is an association with the eco-friendly aspect of resale. In the survey done by Ipsos, 29 per cent of people interested in shopping resale reported that they did it to be less wasteful, while 25 per cent saw the choice as good for the environment.