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ReshaMandiforays into the global market


India’s largest farm-to-fashion natural fibre digital ecosystemReshaMandi is foraying into the global markets. The company offers a wide range of natural fabrics while adhering to sustainability, fair trade and ethical sourcing norms. ReshaMandi’s vision is to build a new world of textiles and transform the industry by providing accessibility, availability, and affordability for businesses and consumers looking for sustainable solutions.

ReshaMandi has provided more than 10 million meters of fabric in natural fibres to 500-plus domestic producers of fabric, apparel and home furnishings. Among, over 200 are exporters providing products to well-known brands across geographies. As fabric serves as the basic material for clothing and home furnishings, ReshaMandi currently supplies a variety of these essential goods to both the domestic and global markets. These include silk, cotton, viscose, bamboo, hemp and other natural fibres. ReshaMandi also sells textiles produced from materials like milk, soy, and other such natural sources.

According to the third annual Material Change Index from theglobal non-profit Textile Exchange, fashion brands are now using 50 per cent preferred materials — up from 44 per cent last year — curbing greenhouse gas emissions by 5 per cent and saving 1.9 million tons of COշ equivalent emissions.


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