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Reliance partners Turkey’s Kivanc Tekstil to manufacture RElan and Recron Green

Reliance has partnered Turkis company Kivanc Tekstil to manufacture Reliance’s fabric brand R Elan. Kıvanc will also be the exclusive distributor of Recron Green Gold fibers to spinners, yarn manufacturers and knitters across Turkey. The arrangement will enable Reliance and Kıvanc to offer the best quality eco-friendly textile solutions to brands and retailers which source their requirements from Turkey to meet the ever-growing demand of environment-friendly apparels.

Kıvanc Tekstil caters to major European and American fashion brands and retailers. Vertically integrated across spinning, weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing, Kıvanc produces 18 million meters of blended fabrics a year. Products comprise a wide range of blends straddling polyester, cotton, viscose, linen, tencel, modal and wool.

Reliance, the owner of R Elan, is one of the largest recyclers of PET bottles in India, recycling 2.2 billion PET bottles a year. R Elan Green Gold, made from recycled PET, substantially reduces the emission of greenhouse gases. The fabric is made from pre-dyed fibers. Its manufacture doesn’t need much water. Whatever little water is used, 90 per cent of it is recycled. It uses bio-fuels and is one of the few recycled brands that provides end-to-end traceability throughout the supply chain, right from PET bottles to fibers.