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Reebok sheds flab, focus on growing busines

Reebok is closing underperforming stores and allowing some licensing deals to expire. Meanwhile, it’s spent more on marketing. While Reebok’s revenue fell three per cent in 2018, its costs came down even more, and management expects the business to finally start expanding. The hope is that new footwear lines like the CrossFit Nano and the FloatRide Run will spur sales. The aim is to make sure that the brand heat is based on real products. But growth won’t come easily. While the brand’s fashion-focused classics line posted double-digit sales gains last year, that momentum was overwhelmed by a decline in the sports segment.

After years of efforts to make Reebok profitable again, Adidas wants to get more people to actually buy its products. It will speed up plans to cut Reebok's store network and focus on growing the business with wholesale partners, cutting the number of factory outlets in the United States by a half and limiting the number of FitHub stores. Reebok is a brand with an unmatched heritage with some of the most iconic footwear silhouettes in the industry, an authentic fitness brand. More than a decade after its acquisition of Reebok, Adidas as recently as a year ago was contemplating divesting the brand if it underperformed.