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Mud Jeans plans 100 per cent recycled denim

Mud Jeans, the Dutch brand will launch 100 per cent recycled denim jeans next year. The brand currently uses 40 per cent recycled cotton for its jeans production. While it usually takes around 7,000 liters of water to produce one pair of jeans, Mud Jeans uses 1,500 liters of water to produce one pair of jeans. In 2013, Mud Jeans introduced Lease a Jeans, where consumers can not only buy the brand’s jeans, but can lease them as well. The main objective of the initiative is to help the brand keep track of where their resources and products are. In addition to this, customers receive a discount if they return their old jeans to the brand. The brand sources its recycled material to produce new jeans through a variety of methods. Consumers can send their old jeans through the post via a free label from Mud Jeans. Retailers can also participate in a take-back scheme. All in all, Mud Jeans collects jeans that consist of more than 95 per cent cotton and sends them to a Spain-based recycling facility. These jeans are shredded and mixed with new yarn to make new jeans.

Mud Jeans is currently being sold in 29 countries through 300 retailers across Germany and the Netherlands.