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Kraig Biocraft: Market response to milestones addressed


Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, proudly reports significant strides in its spring production trials, marking a pivotal moment in the company's trajectory towards scaled manufacturing of spider silk. The firm remains dedicated to transparency, ensuring shareholders and the public are well-informed about its achievements and future plans. However, recent scrutiny from the OTC Markets Group regarding its investor relations (IR) program has prompted a review of its practices.

A recent editorial on 24/7 Market News, penned by a third-party contractor under the company's IR team, has garnered attention for its discussion on spider silk production advancements and potential market impacts. While Kraig Labs asserts the publication adheres to truthfulness and factual accuracy, it clarifies its lack of editorial control over the content.

Striving for compliance and transparency, Kraig Labs emphasizes the full disclosure of financial compensation to IR providers and cautions against speculative market predictions. Despite the rigorous adherence to regulatory standards, the company underscores its commitment to enhancing shareholder value through consistent communication and operational progress updates.

Moreover, Kraig Labs reassures stakeholders of its ethical conduct, highlighting no recent trading activities among company officers or third-party providers. The CEO's acquisition of a restricted non-tradable preferred share is duly noted, reinforcing the company's commitment to comprehensive reporting.

With optimism for the future, Kraig Labs anticipates continued growth and innovation in the field of recombinant spider silk, leveraging its recent achievements to propel market momentum and shareholder confidence.



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