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Kering publishes new animal welfare standards

Kering has published its new animal welfare standards in order to ensure and verify the humane treatment of animals across the Group’s supply chains. The Kering Animal Welfare Standards are the first-ever set of full standards covering animal welfare for luxury and fashion and aim to drive positive change in industry practices, and beyond.

The Kering Animal Welfare Standards cover all species around the world that are part of the Group’s supply chains. The first phase of the standards include detailed requirements for the treatment of cattle, calves, sheep and goats throughout their entire lives, as well as guidelines for abattoirs. Developed over three years with input from animal welfare experts, farmers and herders, scientists and NGOs, the standards are based on the latest scientific research as well as legislation, comparative standards, best management practices and guidelines from different sectors.

Kering’s Standards feature a number of requirements for animal management that would significantly improve the welfare of animals in countries around the world if they were adopted by the industry more broadly. Kering has been piloting these standards on the ground with farms in different regions and will continue to work closely with the farmers to support further implementation.

The standards are structured in Bronze, Silver and Gold tiers to provide clear guidance on critical compliance and with the expectation that the Group’s suppliers will make continuous improvements. At the Bronze entry level the Standards reflect minimum requirements, which equal, and in some cases go beyond, European legislation.