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ICA signs three MoUs to facilitate new collaborations

To acknowledge the alliance between organizations, the International Cotton Association (ICA) has signed three more memorandum of understandings (MoUs). The most recent MoUs signed by ICA include Aid by Trade Foundation with its initiative Cotton Made in  Africa (CmiA) (signed earlier this month), the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol (signed last February) and  the International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF) (signed in 2021).

These MOUs will help organizations collaborate with each other to work towards a number shared goals including promotion of sanctity of contract; training and  visit programs; information exchange and dissemination; diplomatic initiatives; testing and quality  issues. They will make trading safer besides strengthening the relationships between organizations with increased communication and collaboration, says Alex Hsu, President, ICA. 

The ICA also has a formal commitment and bilateral agreement on safe trading with the Better  Cotton Initiative (BCI) and existing MoUs with the Cotton Association of India (CAI), China Cotton  Association (CCA) and China National Cotton Exchange (CNCE). 



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