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Hugo Boss uses special yarn


Hugo Boss’ polo shirt is made from HeiQAeoniQ fiber. The product is crafted with 87 per cent HeiQAeoniQ, a revolutionary cellulosic yarn created from certified wood pulp, one of the many renewable raw materials it can be made of, featuring the same performance attributes as polyester.

This first drop by Hugo Boss makes the dream of replacing polyester for a more sustainable alternative tangible while keeping all the features that made synthetic fibers so widespread.Fabrics made from this high-performance yarn are on par with conventional fabrics like polyester and nylon due to the yarn’s tensile strength, elasticity, and abrasion resistance.

At the same time, they also demonstrate a significantly better environmental footprint. Whereas polyester and nylon fibers are produced from non-renewable fossil fuels, making the textile industry the second-largest global polluter, HeiQAeoniQ yarn is made from cellulose, a renewable raw material that enables the transformation of a whole sector.

HeiQAeoniQ is a more sustainable, circular, and closed-loop cellulosic textile yarn. Widespread implementation of HeiQAeoniQ can help decarbonize the atmosphere, prevent further microplastic pollution in water and preserve agricultural l and.

For Hugo Boss, the partnership with HeiQ represents yet another important milestone on its journey towards becoming the leading premium tech-driven fashion platform worldwide.


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