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Global women’s footwear segment growing at four per cent

This year, women’s footwear sales are slated for a steady year on year revenue growth of just under four per cent. Women’s footwear manufacturers will discover potential growth opportunities over coming years. Rubber owing to its high endurance and versatility remains a preferred material for women’s footwear over other material types such as leather, velvet, plastic, and textiles. Plastic is positioned as the second most favored base material for women’s footwear.

The future belongs to fast lifestyle retailers adapting to the online structure. Sustainable value chain including online operators will be the best asset for manufacturers. Eco-friendly material alternatives are emerging rapidly, though currently confined to a premium market segment. Sports shoes and casual shoes account for a more than 50 per cent share in the total market value. Startups in comfortable sneakers and athletic shoes will attract remarkable funds from venture investors. Customization is trending in the women’s footwear landscape. Therapeutic women’s footwear holds a promising outlook. Sports shoes dominate women’s footwear. Sneakers have huge sales potential in the casual shoes category.

North America remains the largest regional shareholder in the global revenue of women’s footwear landscape. Asia Pacific and western Europe are the next key markets for manufacturers and distributors of women’s footwear.