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Demand for manmade fibers grows in Bangladesh

In recent years, local spinners have joined global club of artificial fiber users with larger volume, posting a sharp growth in imports of manmade or chemical fiber (MMF). The Bangladesh Textile Mills Association (BTMA) states, in last five years, import of MMFs such as polyester staple, viscose and Tencel has seen a 48 per cent rise to 156,784 tonne in 2019, which was 105,946 tonne in 2015.

Import of viscose has seen the highest rise among the MMFs. In 2019, Bangladesh imported 53,289 ton, up by 32.30 per cent, which was 40,278 tonne in the previous year. Import of tencel fiber saw a 17.67 per cent rise to 7,418 tonne in 2019, which was 6,304 tonne in the previous year. However, import of polyester staple fibre registered negative growth by 6 per cent to 96,077 tonne in 2019, compared to 102,219 tonne in the same period a year ago.

The number of textile mills using manmade fibre also increased. As per the data, some 70 mills imported viscose staple fibre, 15 mills tencel fibre and 55 mills polyester fibre last year.