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Brands assent to industry’s call for slow fashion


Fashion brands Gucci and Saint Laurent have agreed to the recent call made by the Council of Fashion Designers of America and the British Fashion Council to embrace a slower pace and focus on only two main collections a year Gucci has announced its intentions to reduce the number of shows it presents each year from five to two. Similarly, French fashion label Saint Laurent has opted out of Paris fashion week this fall saying it will reshape its fashion calendar in a departure from the norm.

These so-called waves of radical change refer to a sudden understanding of the precariousness of the fashion industry in the face of economic shutdowns; a budding awareness and alarm over the pollution generated by the fashion industry, from textile production to manufacturing to showing internationally to disposal; and the increasing poor quality of items on the marketplace.

The pandemic-induced lockdown has also opened people's eyes to the superfluity of many clothes and, more specifically, how they're able to make do with less. A recent UK study found that 28 percent of people are "recycling or reusing more clothes than normal" and 35 percent of women say they plan to buy fewer clothes once the lockdown ends. This is a significant shift from the insatiable shopping habits of pre-coronavirus times, and while it may not stick forever, fashion labels cannot ignore such changes, even if they are only temporary.