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Bestseller sets sustainability goals in sourcing products

Bestseller has committed to sourcing 100 per cent of its cotton from more sustainable alternatives by 2022. By working across its entire value chain, it believes these initiatives and goals will help transform the way its products are created, made and consumed. Last year, Bestseller made a significant commitment to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and revealed plans to build its own solar power plant.

In connection with the launch of Invest FWD – Bestseller’s new investment platform to accelerate sustainable innovation and solutions for the fashion industry – Bestseller and its parent company Heartland announced a partnership with Better Energy in 2018 to build its own solar power plant. The solar power plant will produce the equivalent of Bestseller’s entire global energy consumption for owned and operated buildings. This will see Bestseller achieve its goal of using 100 per cent renewable energy by 2021 for owned and operated buildings. A location for the power plant is yet to be announced.

In line with its climate positive ambition, Bestseller, in 2018, committed to setting science-based goals on greenhouse gas emissions through the Science-Based Targets initiative. This aims at keeping global warming below a 1.5 degrees celsius temperature increase.