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Eastman Naia propels sustainable fashion in Turkey's textile industry


In a pivotal move for Turkey's textile sector, Eastman Naia, a prominent player in the global textile industry, collaborates with key Turkish mills, including Abalıoğlu, Kipaş Textiles, and Pastel by Yılmazipek. Recognizing Turkey's significance, Eastman Naia proudly sponsors Sustainable Talks Istanbul, where Ana Costa, Head of Sales and Global Business Development, sheds light on Next Gen Fibers, showcasing Naia Renew fiber and its groundbreaking molecular recycling technology.

Naia Renew, derived from 60% sustainably sourced wood pulp and 40% certified waste materials, stands out for its scalability as both filament yarn and staple fiber. This innovative material, blended with other sustainable fibers, offers endless possibilities for luxurious and eco-conscious fabrics, boasting reduced carbon footprints over its life cycle.

Eastman Naia sets a high standard for transparency and responsibility, ensuring a traceable journey from tree to fiber. The company's commitment is evident through FSC and PEFC certifications, support for reforestation projects, and recent recognition with the Canopy Dark Green Shirt.

To address the environmental challenge, Eastman Naia employs molecular recycling technologies, transforming difficult-to-recycle waste materials into biodegradable resources. As a founding member of the Alliance of Chemical Textile Recycling, Eastman Naia actively contributes to Accelerating Circularity's mission to advance textile-to-textile recycling.

Turkey, poised for a sustainable fashion revolution, holds immense potential to embrace circular strategies. With Eastman's support, the Turkish textile industry is set to play a crucial role in shaping a greener future.



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