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Consumer pressure leads to global brands increasingly sustainabil…

Consumer pressure leads to global brands increasingly sustainability focus

"Consumers and government are increasingly focusing on the environmental impact of fashion across the globe. While last month’s BBC3 documentary Fashion’s Dirty Secrets exposed the industry’s failings to the public, the Environmental Audit Committee is conducting an inquiry into sustainability in fash... Read more

Textile industry takes steps to detox from harmful chemicals

Textile industry takes steps to detox from harmful chemicals

"As per Chinese Textile Industry Association, the textile industry uses 25 per cent of global chemical output. Out of this 42 per cent is used by China reveals the United Nations Environment Program. Greenpeace published a report, Dirty Laundry in 2011 that urged consumers worldwide to demand change in the fashion indu... Read more

Fashion retailers adopting unique initiatives to reduce eco-impac…

Fashion retailers adopting unique initiatives to reduce eco-impact

"Although the fashion industry has kept pace with changing consumer demands, it fails to cater to their most important need that of altering consumption patterns to ensure the survival of the planet. The industry produces 20 per cent of global wastewater and 10 per cent of global carbon emissions with textile dyeing be... Read more

Cambodia’s Tonlé sets sustainability goals for global fashion ind…

Cambodia’s Tonlé sets sustainability goals for global fashion industry

"The world is being plagued by environmental abuse from all kind of industries. Traditional economies, dominated by the use and throw policy, did not consider the material’s end use. It only sourced the inputs from the environment, manufactured them, and channeled them into the industrial process to make end prod... Read more

Revolutionising the clothing re-commerce market, some players tak…

Revolutionising the clothing re-commerce market, some players take lead

"As re-commerce, when particularly executed by partners, unleases a low-risk, high-reward market for goods, and offers a straightforward path into a more circular business model, clothing brands are increasingly turning to re-commerce partners to tap into secondary markets. As thredUp's 2018 Resale Report indicates, th... Read more

Maroc in Mode-Maroc Sourcing 2018 focuses on fast fashion, sustai…

Maroc in Mode-Maroc Sourcing 2018 focuses on fast fashion, sustainability

"Fast Fashion, denim, knit, tailoring, leather and the latest offers by the Moroccan brands were highlighted at Maroc in Mode-Marc Sourcing fair, held from October 11-12, 2018 at Marrakech. In line with current market trend, the fair focused on fast fashion and sustainable ecosystems. It deployed a specific promotion s... Read more

Future retail spaces to offer high-touch, seamless experience

Future retail spaces to offer high-touch, seamless experience

As per WGSN, a firm that provides advisory solutions, emerging attitudes around age, gender and disability is likely to shape the future of retail space. Designing for sustainability will be the key as consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the damage they are causing to the environment. Retailers will offer tech... Read more

Innovative and sustainable Italian technology solutions displayed…

China is currently implementing several policies to reduce carbon emissions and adopt a low carbon economy with low energy consumption and low-pollution. To support this initiative, the country is procuring cleaning, dyeing and finishing machines, knitting, stitch-bond, lace and auxiliary machinery from Italy. Over the... Read more

Hong Kong’s inspiring initiatives to recycle textile waste

Hong Kong’s inspiring initiatives to recycle textile waste

The growth of clothes-mending workshops and pop-ups in Hong Kong has given rise to a nascent movement against fast fashion. Designers are now parading recycled fabrics on the catwalk. For example, designer Jesse Lee, displayed everything from broken umbrellas to discarded curtains, at a recent sustainable fashion show ... Read more

Bangladesh emerges among top eco-friendly textile manufacturers

Bangladesh emerges among top eco-friendly textile manufacturers

"In the past few years, Bangladesh exports and sustainability have both grown faster than most global counterparts strengthening its momentum. For instance, denim maker Vintage Denim is extremely conscious about workers’ wellbeing. Vintage Denim offers up to Tk 25000 per person or family for their healthcare need... Read more

Jeans production and its associated environmental damage

Jeans production and its associated environmental damage

"Worldwide, approximately 80 billion garments are produced annually, which is equivalent to 11 pieces of clothing per person, per year. At the same time, the number of worn clothes being discarded is also growing. In Shanghai alone, hundreds of tons of garments are being discarded every day, equating to 130,000 tons a ... Read more

Carbon emissions from fashion industry to rise 60 per cent by 203…

Carbon emissions from fashion industry to rise 60 per cent by 2030

"As per State of Fashion report 2018 released by McKinsey & Company, the ecological impact and the carbon footprint of the fast fashion industry, remains a cause of concern even though the industry has become more environmentally responsible and sustainable. The journal Natural Climate Change reveals the curre... Read more

Sustainable materials, certifications driving apparel industry

Sustainable materials, certifications driving apparel industry

"More and more companies are acquiring industry materials and manufacturing certifications as a part of their sustainability goals and brand building. The latest include the Oeko-Tex’s Eco Passport certification, recognised as a Level 3 ZDHC MRSL Conformance Indicator for the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Program. This sh... Read more

Need for Fast fashion retailers to tighten their eco goals

Need for Fast fashion retailers to tighten their eco goals

"A new report by Changing Markets Foundation on sustainability has yet again brought fast fashion retailers under scanner as the biggest pollutants. The report concludes that many firms are still not doing enough to ensure sustainability of their textile supply chains. While there has been bold leadership from some ret... Read more

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Bangladesh: PaCT II concludes first year with seven members

The second edition of the Partnership for Clean Textile (PaCT II) campaign has concluded its fi... Read more

Absolute Denim uses Archroma indigo

Absolute Denim will be the first denim manufacturer to switch 100 per cent of its production to... Read more

Study finds fashion waste high among young consumers across UK

A survey in the UK has found most consumers aged 18 to 35 purchase garments they never wear. Th... Read more

Tariffs changing global denim sourcing strategy

Denim and jeans manufacturers are finding their way through the sourcing complexities created b... Read more

Zara’s new outwear collection focuses on recycling

Inditex, the parent company of the Spanish apparel and accessories retailer Zara has expanded i... Read more

Performance Days Munich focuses on sustainability

In its 10th year, Performance Days, the Munich trade fair for functional fabrics was held from ... Read more

VITAS, WWF launch water risk report for textile and garment industry

The Vietnam Textile and Apparel Association (VITAS) and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) launched ... Read more

Cone Denim uses Archroma tool One Way, pushes sustainability

Cone Denim has partnered Archroma for One Way. Cone Denim is a mill with expertise in denim pro... Read more

Dutch brand Mud Jeans gets Nordic Swan ecolabel

Dutch brand Mud Jeans’ entire denim collection, or 41 styles, has received the Nordic Swa... Read more

Horizon Ventures grants $2.2 million series seed fund to AlgiKnit

AlgiKnit, a biomaterials company which is developing yarn spun from kelp, has received a$2.2 mi... Read more

Bangladesh: Despite rising input costs buyers unwilling to pay higher price

Bangladesh garment suppliers are being driven down pricewise by apparel brands and retailers. W... Read more

Growing use of viscose and brand’s commitment to sustainability

Many of the world’s largest viscose manufacturers have not yet adopted responsible produc... Read more

Novozymes’ Bio Prep Fusuaion helps save costs, water use

Denmark-based Novozymes has launched the Bio Prep Fusion concept. This allows textile mills han... Read more

H&M, biggest user of sustainable cotton, man-made cellulosic materials

Textile Exchange has published its yearly Preferred Fiber Materials Market Report, in which H&a... Read more

India: CRB’s conference focuses on sustainability in the apparel & text…

The issue of sustainability in the apparel and textiles sector took centre-stage at the recentl... Read more

Applied DNA Sciences develops denim tags that survive harsh processing

The tags of Applied DNA Sciences (APDN) can be used to authenticate denim products, even when s... Read more

C&A launches gold denim jeans with eye on sustainability

C&A has released the world’s first Cradle to Cradle certified Gold denim jeans. The j... Read more

Cotton Incorporated focuses on denim recycling

Keeping denim out of landfills is a big priority for Cotton Incorporated. The company’s B... Read more

New spun-dyed laminates from Sympatex

Sympatex will launch a new line of spun-dyed laminates. These apparel innovations from Sympatex... Read more

For Days shows the way how a zero waste model works

US-based For Days is turning the idea of consumption on its head. This closed-loop clothing lin... Read more

Pollution from cotton, linen fibers make up 80 per cent of all deep-sea mic…

A new research on Southern European seas reveals, pollution from cellulose fibers such as cotto... Read more

US cotton industry introduces plan to meet sustainability goals

Cotton Council International President Ted Schneider, at the Cotton Sourcing USA Summit, reveal... Read more

Timberland to facilitate creation of greenspace

Timberland has teamed up with Belgian non-profit King Baudouin Foundation to facilitate the cre... Read more

C&A Foundation’s cotton program helps Indian farmers

C&A Foundation provides interest-free loans to smallholder and marginal cotton farmers in I... Read more

Reducing energy costs with Monforts eco applicator

Monforts technology is behind many denim innovations. As an alternative to conventional padding... Read more

Nanotechnology used for sustainable cotton finishing

Ultra thin coating technology offers new opportunities for cotton finishing. Researchers at the... Read more

Textiles recycling needs a relook

There are limitations to textile recycling. There is a need to anticipate the possibility of re... Read more

BCI releases new leaderboards of top brands

Better Cotton Initiative has released new leaderboards showing the world’s top users of B... Read more

EAC notes sharp increase in discarded clothing materials

A recent hearing of Environmental Audit Committee’s (EAC) hearing on the sustainability o... Read more

Seven companies join ZDHC program

Seven new companies have joined the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Program. UK online fashion company, As... Read more

Textile waste business grows 11 per cent

The global textile industry waste management market is expected to grow nearly 11 per cent by 2... Read more

SAC releases 2018 Higg Facility Modules

Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), the leading association for the apparel, footwear, and tex... Read more

Clothes treated with silver killing marine life

Swedish researchers say clothing treated with silver poses a toxic threat to sediment-dwelling ... Read more

Candiani launches new eco-smart denim range

Candiani launched its new eco-smart denim range in partnership with ROICA™ from Asahi Kas... Read more

LLF awarded the 4th CarbonNeutral status

Leading high-end leather garment manufacturer, Lanka Leather Fashion (LLF), was awarded CarbonN... Read more

Canopy develops viscose mapping with help from top brands

More than 150 million trees are cleared every year, shipped around the world, then pulped and p... Read more

Unifi to recycle 30 billion bottles by 2022

Unifi plans to recycle 20 billion bottles by 2020 and 30 billion bottles by 2022. The company, ... Read more

DyStar implements healthy practices

Last year marked the seventh year of DyStar’s journey towards reducing production footpri... Read more

Wear2Wear to establish closed-loop textile recycling across European countr…

At Expoprotection Paris, to be held from November 6-8, 2018, wear2wear will establish closed-lo... Read more

EU adopts restrictions on 33 textile chemicals

The European Union (EU) has restricted the use of 33 hazardous substances in clothing, footwear... Read more

Spain’s Jeanologia works on five zero finishes

Jeanologia has introduced two new collections, 5.Zero indigo & vintage and 5.Zero all black... Read more

WWF, business group seek to green textile industry

World Wide Fund for Nature and the Việt Nam Textile and Apparel Association launched a project ... Read more

China says no to textile and plastic waste

China will not accept textile or plastic waste from the rest of the world any more. The country... Read more

Levi’s, C&A top ranked for green supply chain practices

Levi’s has been ranked as the world’s top ranked apparel brand in a report which as... Read more

New Zealand launches Formary, a textile reuse program

New Zealand is tackling head-on the challenges created by disposable fashion. Formary is a text... Read more

Recycling of used clothes yet to catch on

Indeed, bBrands and retailers are on board with the idea of sustainability. Many are setting ta... Read more

IPCC recommends worldwide reduction of carbon consumption

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) says, to prevent a climate catastrophe, ca... Read more

Coach to go fur free

Luxury brand Coach will soon become fur-free. The ban will be applied on all types of animal fu... Read more

H&M tops sustainable cotton use

H&M is the world’s leading user of sustainable cotton and manmade cellulosic material... Read more

Candiani develops Roica denim

Roica yarn has been used by Candiani to develop a new eco-smart denim range called ReLAST. Cand... Read more

Asia-Pacific countries adopt declaration to strengthen national statistical…

Countries in Asia and the Pacific recently adopted a declaration that will strengthen national ... Read more

Prosperity Textile chooses sustainable-oriented Itema technologies for new …

Prosperity Textile, one of the main denim producers worldwide, has chosen for its new facility ... Read more

Nike Circular Innovation Challenge receives over 600 applications

Sportswear giant Nike received over 600 applications from 58 countries for its Circular Innovat... Read more

Fashion threatens global biodiversity

There is a lot of attention on the fashion industry’s impact on water and climate. But mo... Read more

Albini creates traceable Supima cotton

Italian company Albini in partnership with Oritain has created the first 100 per cent traceable... Read more

Du Pont, Mud Jeans joins Circular Economy

Du Pont Biomaterials and Mud Jeans have joined the Circular Economy 100 (CE100) Network. Circul... Read more

Brazil ranks 20 apparel brands on transparency

Brazilian campaign Fashion Revolution has ranked 20 apparel brands and retailers for their tran... Read more