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Challenges at workplaces hampering Burma’s textile sector growth

Challenges at workplaces hampering Burma’s textile sector growth

"Burma’s garment and footwear exports clocked in $3 billion in 2017, a growth of 25 per cent over last year. Factories have expanded from Yangon’s Hlaing Tharyar industrial zone to rural regions, in the wake of a tax holiday of seven or five years meant to encourage operations in less developed parts of the... Read more

Myanmar's minimum wage to boost RMG industry

Myanmar's minimum wage to boost RMG industry

Myanmar has positioned itself as a direct competitor to Bangladesh in the RMG industry by setting its minimum wage at $67 per month. The Southeast Asian country though, will have to hike wages at regular intervals, promote collective bargaining, and safeguard workers’ health and rights of workers to avo... Read more

Taiwan to focus on functional textiles with fashionable use

Taiwan to focus on functional textiles with fashionable use

Taiwan best known for its functional textiles for fashionable use is planning to keep its focus on R&D and eco friendly textiles in the future. This was reiterated by Justin Huang, Secretary General of TTF. Emphasizing on the development of the textile industry, Justin Huang, Secretary General, TTF says, “Our futur... Read more

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Kering publishes ‘Planetary Boundaries’ paper in conjunction with CISL

French luxury and lifestyle business Kering, which owns brands like Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent a... Read more

Poll reveals Americans’ distrust for fashion brands

A new poll by Changing Markets, an organisation dedicated to reducing the environmental footpri... Read more

Human rights not a priority for Japanese retailers

New research has found that most Japanese apparel companies fall short on human rights issues. ... Read more

Wool shearing practices come under spotlight

Abuses are rife in the wool industry though there are companies that claim their materials are ... Read more

Relief for Bangladesh garment workers as wage dispute resolves

Bangladesh has revised wages in six grades for garment workers. This resolves the unrest in the... Read more

Wage protests rock Bangladesh apparel industry

Labor unrest has gripped Bangladesh’s garment sector. In September last year, the minimum... Read more

Brands bringing ethics back to fashion

Krochet Kids and Able are among ethical fashion brands working to alleviate poverty by empoweri... Read more

BIS approves first ever Indian Standard on bullet resistant jackets

The first-ever Indian Standard (IS ) on bullet resistant jacket for protection against small ar... Read more

AAFA releases new guidelines for denim finishing facilities

The American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA), through its Safety in Denim Finishing Wor... Read more

Chinese textile workers face high level of pollution in production units

Workers in Chinese textile factories are exposed to high levels of air pollution. At one facili... Read more

Americans want transparency from brands: Study

Four in five Americans believe clothing brands should provide information on their environmenta... Read more

Fur-free movement gains momentum in 2019

The fur-free movement gained significant momentum in 2018. Major retailers such as Coach, Burbe... Read more

Piece rate or partial pay, garment workers look for the best option

Some factories in Vietnam, Indonesia, Jordan, Haiti and Nicaragua pay workers by piece rate. Th... Read more

SAC named convergence host of Social & Labor Convergence Project

The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) has been named an accredited host of the Social & L... Read more

H&M strives to improve labour practices across supply chain

H&M is the world’s second-largest apparel retailer has improved its purchasing practi... Read more