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West Java API wants stability for US dollar exchange rate

According to the The Indonesian Textile Association (API) of West Java, The US dollar exchange rate has not affected the textile market due to rising export values even though the raw materials are still imported.

The rate increase is considered within reasonable limits, where the dollar is estimated to be looking for new equilibrium figures. The last dollar exchange rate was recorded at Rp14,000 / USD.

Majority of large textile industries in West Java export products with only a few raw materials such as cotton and spinner machinery being imported.

"For the textile industry sold in the country, the market is also quite good, especially Lebaran and the political year so it will not be affected significantly, Majalaya sarong craftsmen for example, now the demand is quite good. Support with the previous stock of sarong to accumulate," Jabar API Secretary General, Kevin Hartanto said.

He hopes the rupiah exchange rate against the dollar does not go down. "The important thing is not to volatile, if it goes down, that will be a problem, because now the margin industry is getting thinner, so we are difficult to determine the price. It will be inflation, "he added