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Wedding wear market poised for rapid growth, new report reveals


The global wedding wear market is experiencing a notable shift towards sustainability, reflecting broader fashion industry trends. A recent market research study on the "Global Wedding Wear Market" highlights the increasing demand for eco-friendly and sustainable wedding attire. This trend is driven by couples who are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of their fashion choices and are seeking dresses and suits made from sustainable fabrics or those that can be reused or repurposed.

Market segmentation and dynamics

The wedding wear market is segmented by type (gowns, suits, traditional dresses, sherwanis, accessories, others), gender (male, female), sales channel (online, offline), price range (economy, luxury, premium), and geography (North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific, MEA). This comprehensive segmentation allows for a detailed analysis of market dynamics, product portfolios, and emerging trends, crucial for decision-makers and marketers aiming to seize new opportunities.

Major players and competitive landscape

Prominent players in the wedding wear market include Gaala (France), Manyavar (India), Temperley London (UK), Vera Wang (USA), Vivienne Westwood (UK), PhillipaLepley (UK), Charlie Brear (UK), SassiHolford (UK), Caroline Castigliano (UK), Sabyasachi (India), and Carolina Herrera (USA). These companies are focusing on innovation to enhance efficiency and product longevity, catering to the growing consumer demand for sustainable options.

Market trends and opportunities

The trend towards sustainable wedding wear presents significant growth opportunities for brands. Designers are increasingly incorporating organic fabrics, recycled materials, and designs that emphasize longevity and reusability into their collections. This shift not only meets consumer demand but also aligns with the broader environmental goals of the fashion industry.

Notable developments

A significant development in the market was the acquisition by Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd of a 51 per cent stake in the Indian luxury designer label Sabyasachi in January 2021. The 398 crore investment underscores the potential and value of the wedding wear market, particularly in the luxury segment.

In summary, the global wedding wear market is evolving with a strong emphasis on sustainability. This shift offers new opportunities for brands to innovate and meet the changing preferences of eco-conscious consumers, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic market landscape.


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