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VISTA’s webinar explores opportunities for India’s textile and apparel sector

Voice of Industry Specialists in Textile and Apparel (VISTA) organized a webinar on ‘Unlocking Opportunities for Apparel & Textile Sector’ recently. Key speakers included: Gaurav Bhargav, Founder and CEO, LPH Apparel Inc; Vivek Bhatnagar, Founder and CEO, Fusion Group; Anupama Singal, Co-founder, Slicer; Manish Bharati, Business Head, Bhartiya International and Abhaya Gupta, CEO, Nanya Inc

The webinar raised many interested questions as to why India has not created its own index like Higgs Index so far, why is sustainability in Indian apparel industry buyer-driven and why are buyers not bothered with the certificates. The webinar urged Indian apparel manufacturers to focus on UN’s SDG. It was also highlighted that Mexico has a lot of opportunities for Indian companies, but India should ship goods for Mexico through US only. Notably, resort wear is a huge business in Mexico. Besides, it was also emphasized that India should focus on Russia, Romania and Poland.

Quoting a survey, Bharti highlighted that people in Europe are buying luxury products online and are very happy with this experience. Hence, he emphasized that digitalization is a must for all. Gupta was of the view that small buying agents and buying agencies can be the change-makers now, and they now need to bring new clients to India. A lot of small vendors need the help of buying agents and these agents have to lead the way.