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Vidalia brings back selvedge denim to the US

Vidalia is going to revive selvedge denim production in the United States. The company has bought some 40 selvedge denim weaving machines from Cone, a famous selvedge denim mill in the US, which closed down in 2017. That means Vidalia will be a denim mill with selvedge production in the US after a very long time. Vidalia will make not only denim, but yarns, too, for sale. Everything produced by the mill will contain e3 sustainable cotton. Every yard of fabric, and every pound of yarn, will contain sustainably grown and traceable cotton from farmers around the US.

Vidalia Mills has a game plan to execute its operation in the US with open-end yarn spinning aimed to start up in November, selvedge denim production in December and ring-spun yarn in January next year.

Denim is an American fabric. With the closing of Cone Mills, American made denim came to an end. Bringing denim manufacturing back to the US is seen as providing an attractive, alternative sourcing opportunity for brands. The hope is this is the start of more domestic denim industry revival. Vidalia also plans to integrate a foam dye system from a Turkish manufacturer of air-conditioning systems for spinning, weaving and knitting mills.