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US’ jeans imports surge by 29.57% in November: OTEXA


A renewed appetite for denim and the new designs dominating the industry have led to a huge surge in jeans imports by the US.

As a report by Sourcing Journal shows, jeans imports by the US surged by 29.57 percent to $3.32 billion year to date in November compared to a year earlier

Data from the Commerce Department’s Office of Textiles & Apparel (OTEXA) shows, US’ imports from Bangladesh rose by 34.06 percent in the 11-month period to $699.9 million, while imports from Mexico increased by 41.67 percent increase to $424.74 million.

Imports from Pakistan surged by 56.68 percent rise to $356.92 million, from Egypt by 63.93 percent to $158.81 million, Nicaragua’30.78 percent to $116.52 million, Sri Lanka by 43.45 percent to $65.11 million and from Turkey by 61.54 percent to $62.37 million.

Imports from Vietnam registered a modest growth of 6.51 percent to $364.34 million while imports from China, surged by 16.53 percent gain in the period to $355.22 million, and those from Cambodia rose by 19.05 percent to $155.68 million.

Imports from second tier suppliers including Madagascar, India, Colombia, Macau, Guatemala, Italy and Japan also surged in the first 11 months of 2021 compared to a year earlier. Nations with declines or minimal increases in the period were Lesotho, , Indonesia, Jordan, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

On the other hand, jeans imports from Western Hemisphere countries rose by 39.63 percent to $779.85 million in the period.