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Transparency helps brands win consumer trust: Lenzing survey


Lenzing’s new consumer survey, highlights the importance of transparency in helping brands win consumer trust and confidence titled ‘Global Consumer Perception Survey on Sustainable Raw Materials in Fashion and Home Textiles,’ the study was conducted in partnership with Wakefield Research, a market research firm, and surveyed 9,000 respondents between 18 to 64 years of age from nine countries including China, Japan, Korea, India, Indonesia, Turkey, Germany, the UK and the US in early 2020.

The study states, 83 to 82 per cent respondents consider brands transparent about their ingredients and the origin of raw materials as being trustworthy. Around 82 per cent respondents consider brands transparent about production processes, sustainable practices and the origin of their raw materials as trustworthy. They believe proper knowledge of raw materials used in their clothing and home textile products helps build consumer confidence. They also believe a brand’s environmental impact is important for consumers while deciding to make a purchase.

Eighty six per cent respondents believe purchasing clothes made from sustainable raw materials is a key component of living a more sustainable lifestyle, and they frequently purchase products from brands that are committed to using sustainable raw materials or recycled materials in their products. Majority of respondents learn about sustainability by researching about the production process of products before purchasing. Around 88 per cent of respondents agreed to reading handtags before buying their products with respondents being willing to pay 40 per cent more for sustainable clothing or home textile products.