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Trade asks British govt. to take swift action in Brexit matter

Traders in the United Kingdom have requested their government to take immediate action on Brexit as they say that there was a danger of it going out of control and paralysing the British industry. That would deal a devastating blow to the economy. They have also asked ministers to protect thousands of European employees fearing for their future in a Britain minus the European Union.

The alarm was raised soon after a High Court ruling that said Theresa May cannot trigger Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty without first consulting the Parliament. Businesses have putt decisions pertaining to investment on hold and delayed expansion plans and keeping on hold hiring new staff in response to the decision. Business groups are of the feel that ministers have to listen to their concerns. Privately, there are also people who feel that there is growing frustration that lines of communication have either been interrupted or severed by the turmoil created by the result of the EU referendum.

Union leaders, meanwhile, have started demanding reassurances on the issue of worker’s rights. They are of hope that working people need to know that the Prime Minister’s promise to protect their rights will be delivered in the Brexit agreement. They also feel that a commitment to comply with existing and future EU workers’ rights must be at the heart of any transitional agreement and of any future UK-EU trade treaty. This, they feel will be good for both workers and business. By committing to match EU workers’ rights, the British will have a stronger negotiating position for British businesses keeping access to the single market.