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Tintex bags second ISPO Best Product Award

Portugal-based Tintex, an industrial company, has garnered its second ISPO Best Product Award in TexTrends for 2018 in the ‘Soft Equipment’ category with the company’s Article 4691TC. The product is a circular economy centric material, branded ‘B.Cork’, a unique technology that sources certified pre-consumer cork waste. The company reports, “Following a patent pending hi-tech lamination of a water based, formaldehyde and solvent free coating, a breathable, natural and waterproof super soft touch is achieved,”. B.Cork can be applied to both knits and wovens, and works with all current Tintex smart fibre bases. The jury also chose two new Tintex fabrics for the top 10 ISPO qualities, selecting one for the ‘Eco Era’ section and another one for the ‘Membranes & Coatings’ category.

Seven more Tintex fabrics were selected as runners up and include one more for the ‘Eco Era’ selection, two more for ‘Membranes & Coatings’, three for ‘Baselayer’ innovation, and one for the ‘Street Sport’ category. Tintex launched in 1998 by making high quality, natural based, responsible jersey fabrics using latest sustainable hi-tech dyeing and finishing processes. The company supplied the contemporary fashion, sport and lingerie markets.

The company in a statement said, “Tintex is the future of a smart and proud manufacturing dynamic where trust, values, skills and smart innovations are delivered through precision creativity and flexibility to brands looking to make naturally better choices.”